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Are you involved in a divorce or separation? Has your De facto relationship broken down? Do you feel aggrieved or unjustly dealt with by someone else, perhaps your spouse/former spouse/partner, or even the Family Law System itself? What about another lawyer?  If yes, then you need advice and help from an expert.

We have the expertise and experience to help you through what can become a nightmarish journey into oblivion. Our principal, John Maait, is a lawyer with the expertise and experience of almost 40 years, over 34 of them in Family Law in Parramatta. John is well known as much for his compassion and understanding of his clients’ problems as he is for his tenacity, his determination and his passion to achieve the best and most just outcome for his clients in every matter he takes on, regardless of how big or small and regardless of status, means, sex or any other consideration.

You can be absolutely certain that we will not judge you or your case except on its proper merits. If your case has legs to run, we will run it for and with you to the end, whilst using every endeavour at the start and every step along the way to help you achieve an out-of-court settlement, long before your case sends you or those you love broke. On the other hand, we will not run any case that has little to no merits. If it does not have merits, we will tell you before you waste a lot of your hard-earned money and we will always guide you towards a reasonable and just settlement where that is achievable.

At Norris Somers our priority is always to achieve the best outcome for our client at the most reasonable investment of time and money. Our many years of experience in Family Law mean that we understand the pain and desolation that inevitably flows from broken dreams and shattered lives. We promise no miracle cures but the best and most cost effective advice in your best interest. We offer practical insights and expert advice towards achieving the best outcome in often extremely difficult, even devastating, circumstances.

We take great pride in our capacity and willingness to absorb and to understand every client’s situation, however difficult, and to guide them through what can be a legal minefield and we do it with a practical and compassionate approach.  .

We offer professional services with over 34 years of experience in the following matters

  • Separation & Divorce
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Property settlement
  • Child Support
  • De facto relationship disputes involving any or all the above.


Our expert team can help you in your family law matters. We are the best family lawyer parramatta and has helped many of clients in successfully settling their family disputes.


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